cut to size  polished concrete steps,floating staircase and lighting stairs

MONOLITH is a compagny  offer a comprehensive range of concrete (matt black gray with fine texture) resin steps or (matt colors with fine texture) resin steps for  Steel Stairs, and floating stairs. the steps shape are Custom and  cut with  an exact size by  Digital Cutting Machine from  autocad or other drawing for all the steps of your design stair . MONOLITH  send a concrete resin steps product quickly,  in 3 weeks' time all over the world. If you want to know more information about our resin concrete steps or colors resin steps , please send us an email or visite your site

Price for one step in 40 mm MDF hard wood with mineral resin vacuum injection moulding technique . for  concrete and  coulors aspect, 

Our prices according to offer are net prices and are quoted without VAT and without shipping costs ex warehouse.

Regular steps for metal frame stairs  : lateral stringer and central stringer  :  40 x 270 x 900 =  79 €

Winder steps  (special size) =  99  €

Steps for floating stairs

Size :  80 x 280 x 900  =  99 €

Winder steps (special size )  = 120 €

steel system with 6 holes for 1 floating step  90 €

led system includ in step with  10 LED Panels,  Amp Power , In Line Switch, Interconnect Cables, power socket  30 €  for one step

display concrete steps for exemple for  your stairs  showroom :

40 x 270 x 900 =  79 € 
80 x 280 x 900  =  99 €

  • with led system :  + 30 € for 1 step

MONOLITH STEP is exceptionally resistant and durable and proves very good mechanical properties such as hardness, toughness, abrasion resistance and tenacity. And what is more, MONOLITH steps  is not fragile and cannot be chopped and nice to touch surface material ! it can be easily washed off with water or abrasive detergents. Scratches and nicks can be simply removed by regrinding and repolishing without any change or homogeneity of coloured surface.
.  is offered in more than 100 hues ranging from mild pastel colours to deep colours with veined and grainy textures. There is also a wide variety of MONOLITH steps  finish (from satin matt to high gloss). Demanding customers will appreciate possibility to combine individual hues of colour. Also, it is very easy to combine MONOLITH steps  with other stairs materials such as stainless steel or wood. 

MONOLITH STEPS : exceptional lifespan, easy maintenance/reparability and exclusive appearance will safe your money!

  everyone would agree that floating staircases are the most delicate-looking and eye-catching type. cantilever stairs ,
the Self supporting concrete step for ultra design house
using LED lightened as finish the concrete stair includ in  material is steps  hard resin

steps size calculator


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polished concrete steps for floating staircase

MONOLITH polished concrete steps 

Black polished concrete steps for suspended staircase

polished concrete steps with glass

Fluorescent steps for the night

hole size for the steel system : 220 x 45 x 850 cm

youtube teste in a stripe (scratch) of the minerale resin with black wax


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